Unlimited Memberships:
I authorize Mr Wash Car Wash to charge my credit/debit card account up to the regular plan price (Currently $49.99 for Unlimited Signature Plus Extra Shine Washes or $39.99 for Unlimited Signature Washes) on a monthly basis for my Unlimited Membership plan. I have been given a flash sale offer of $24.99 for the first month of Unlimited Membership followed by an introductory rate of $44.99 per month for Unlimited Signature Plus Extra Shine Washes or $34.99 per month for Unlimited Signature Washes. See terms of service.

Pricing afterwards subject to change with 30 days advance notice at the autocashier terminal. Usage may affect pricing.

I understand authorization shall remain in force until I cancel by website/email 7 days before my recharge date. Mr Wash Car Wash may cancel this plan at any time. Plan will be cancelled if monthly card charge is declined. Subject to availability of services, including equipment failure or inclement weather. Commercial vehicles excluded from promotion. Please email customerservice@mrwash.com if you have any questions.

1. Valid only at participating Mr Wash car wash locations.

2. Valid for specified program services only. See program brochure (if applicable) or website for details. Additional charges may apply for other services.

3. Valid for registered vehicle only. Vehicles may be registered with an Unlimited pass sticker or license plate number and state. Each vehicle needs its own Unlimited membership.

4. Unlimited pass sticker for program (if applicable) must be placed by Mr Wash on registered vehicles inside front lower driver’s side windshield with the number facing out.

5. Unlimited pass sticker (if applicable) cannot be placed behind tinted windshield glass or any other product that limits or restricts viewing of the sticker by Mr Wash attendant. Vehicles with tinted front windshields are not eligible for program.

6. Valid credit/debit card required to participate in program. Monthly program fee will be automatically charged to customer’s Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover-branded credit card each month.

7. The first charge to the customer will be on the date customer joins the program and recurring charges will be charged on the anniversary date each month thereafter. If the customer joins on the 29th, 30th, or 31st day of any month, they will recharge on the 28th day of the following month and each month thereafter.

8. In the event that you wish to cancel the program, please go to mrwash.com/monthly-plan-management and fill out the form. All cancellation requests must be received 7 days prior to the plan’s recharge date to prevent next payment from posting. Any other questions please email customerservice@mrwash.com.

9. There are no partial month(s) refunds if you terminate before your monthly charge date.

10. Contact Mr Wash car wash customer service via email at customerservice@mrwash.com with any questions or concerns.

11. In the event Mr Wash is unable to charge a customer’s credit /debit card due to an expiration date on the credit/debit or other change in information, then the customer’s participation in the program will be suspended and his/her account de-activated five (5) days after the date of the unsuccessful charge.

12. Replacement sticker (if applicable): customer must notify Mr Wash car wash if registered vehicle’s sticker or license plate becomes damaged, is no longer visible, the vehicle is sold, or the windshield is replaced. Customer’s exclusive identification number will be deactivated and a new number will be issued upon replacement (if applicable). Sticker will reflect the new customer number (if applicable). Please stop by any Mr Wash location to replace your sticker (if applicable).

13. Vehicles must conform to Mr Wash car wash standards. Modifications to an existing customer’s vehicle that are outside of Mr Wash car wash standards may require program termination. Please see location manager for details and confirmation that vehicle meets standards.

14. Stickers (if applicable) remain the exclusive property of Mr Wash car wash and must be surrendered upon request. In the event that windshield sticker (if applicable) is tampered with or the program is used in any way inconsistent with its terms and conditions, program participation will be immediately terminated without refunds.

15. No other coupons or special offers may be combined with the unlimited car wash program at any time.

16. Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice. If we provide notice of a pricing change, you must cancel by your Plan anniversary date to avoid further charges.

17. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

18. Mr Wash car wash reserves the right to terminate any unlimited account or the program at any time without notice.

19. No refunds for days that a Mr Wash location closes early or does not open due to weather or equipment maintenance.